: Symposium CFP for 2017

Symposium submissions are shorter editor-reviewed essays (2,000-5,000 words) that extend discussions begun in the pages of LiCS. Symposium responses should explore the intersections between literacy studies and composition studies, while extending or re-directing threads from earlier LiCS scholarship. These extensions may offer not only suggestive critique but also rich ideas and arguments that move a conversation forward.


While symposium essays may take up any issues previously discussed in LiCS, we invite specific symposium essays that continue recent conversations begun in LiCS about The Indianapolis Resolution (see Horning) and the Voting Rights Act (see Adkins).

Additionally, we welcome the introduction of new, timely topics specifically aimed at beginning important conversations pertaining to literacy and composition. Symposium pieces of this nature should both offer exploration and insights and pose questions for further dialogue.

ISSN: 2326-5620