Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Special Issue on Literacy, Democracy, and Fake News.

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Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

Editors' Introduction to Issue 5.2 PDF HTML


Introduction to Special Issue on Literacy, Democracy, and Fake News: Making it Right in the Era of Fast and Slow Literacies PDF HTML
Thomas P Miller, Adele Leon 10-23
Navigating a Varied Landscape: Literacy and the Credibility of Networked Information PDF HTML
Jacob W Craig 24-42
How Automated Writing Systems Affect the Circulation of Political Information Online PDF HTML
Timothy Laquintano, Annette Vee 43-62
"Globalist Scumbags": Composition's Global Turn in a Time of Fake News, Globalist Conspiracy, and Nationalist Literacy PDF HTML
Christopher Minnix 63-83
Toward a Theory and Pedagogy of Rhetorical Vulnerability PDF HTML
David Riche 84-102


Literacy and Rhetoric as Complementary Keywords PDF HTML
Ben Wetherbee 103-112

Book Reviews

Book Review-Identity and Power in Narratives of Displacement, by Katrina M. Powell PDF HTML
Tabetha Adkins 113-116

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