Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

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College Writing and Campus Values: The Nixon Library Debate at UC Irvine HTML PDF
Jens Lloyd 1-18
Diminishing Returns at Corporate U: Chinese Undergraduates and Composition’s Activist Legacy HTML PDF
Tom McNamara 19-38
“To Whom Do We Have Students Write?”: Exploring Rhetorical Agency and Translanguaging in an Indonesian Graduate Writing Classroom HTML PDF
Amber Engelson 39-61
Research, Writing, and Writer/Reader Exigence: Literate Practice as the Overlap of Information Literacy and Writing Studies Threshold Concepts HTML PDF
Jerry Stinnett, Marcia Rapchak 62-80
Holding on to Literacies: Older Adult Narratives of Literacy and Agency HTML PDF
Suzanne Kesler Rumsey 81-104

Book Reviews

Book Review—Teaching Queer: Radical Possibilities for Writing and Knowing, by Stacey Waite HTML PDF
Jean Bessette 105-108
Book Review—The Lure of Literacy: A Critical Reception of the Compulsory Composition Debate, by Michael Harker HTML PDF
Meaghan H Brewer 109-112
Book Review—Reclaiming Composition for Chicano/as and Other Ethnic Minorities, by Iris D. Ruiz HTML PDF
Jasmine Villa 113-117

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