Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

The symposium that launches this inaugural issue speaks to our concerns and raises new ones. The symposium call invited writers to submit short essays that addressed the current intersections between Literacy Studies and Composition and the implications of Literacy Studies research, theory, and practice for Composition Studies. Respondents were then asked to extend the conversation about issues raised or neglected in the symposium.

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Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

Editors' Introduction PDF


Ideologies of Literacy, “Academic Literacies,” and Composition Studies PDF HTML
Bruce Horner 1-9
Sponsoring Literacy Studies PDF HTML
Morris Young 10-14
The Legacies of Literacy Studies PDF HTML
Harvey Graff 15-17
Constricting Keywords: Rhetoric and Literacy in our History Writing PDF HTML
Brenda Glascott 18-25
On the Social Consequences of Literacy PDF HTML
Kate Vieira 26-32
Babies and Bath Water PDF HTML
Kathryn Flannery 33-37


Symposium Comments PDF HTML
Brian Street 38-41
Beginnings of a Polemic: Shaking the Borders of a Literate Education PDF HTML
Steve Parks 42-44
Moving Beyond Place in Discussions of Literacy PDF HTML
Jennifer Trainor 45-47
Writing a Self In/Outside School PDF HTML
Mary Soliday 48-50
After Words: Some Thoughts PDF HTML
Donna Qualley 50-52
Locating Ourselves and Our Work PDF HTML
Eli Goldblatt 53-55
Literacy and Consequences: A Response to Kate Vieira PDF HTML
Robert P Yagelski 56-59
Relating “Literacy,” “Rhetoric,” and “Composition”: Notes on Glascott, Graff, and Horner PDF HTML
Patricia Bizzell 60-62
Literacy/Literacies Studies and the Still-Dominant White Center PDF HTML
Carmen Kynard 63-65
New Literacy Studies: Some Matters of Concern PDF HTML
Mariolina Salvatori 66-69
Undoing Composition? PDF HTML
Allan Luke 70-74

Announcements & Submission Information

Announcements and Submission Information PDF

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