Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

LiCS special issue edited by Ben Kuebrich, Jessica Pauszek, and Steve Parks of Syracuse University.

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Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

Special Editors' Introduction to Issue 3.1 PDF


Teaching While Black: Witnessing Disciplinary Whiteness, Racial Violence, and Race-Management PDF
Carmen Kynard 1-20
Proyecto Carrito - When the Student Receives an 'A' and the Worker Gets Fired: Disrupting the Unequal Political Economy of Translingual Rhetorical Mobility PDF
Tamera Marko, Mario Ernesto Osorio, Eric Sepenoski, Ryan Catalani 21-43
(Un)Rigging the Literacy Game: Political Literacies that Challenge Econocide PDF
Christopher Wilkey, Daniel J Cleary 44-59
Cultivating Land-Based Literacies and Rhetorics PDF
Gabriela Rìos 60-70
The Rhetorics of Race and Racism: Teaching Writing in an Age of Colorblindness PDF
Deborah Mutnick 71-81
'Teaching Must Be Our Demonstration!': Activism in the Prince Edward County Free School Association, 1963-1964 PDF
Candace Epps-Robertson 82-94
Freire in the Agora: Critical Pedagogy and Civil Discourse PDF
John Pell, William Duffy 95-107
Put Me in, Coach: The Political Promise of Competitive Coaching PDF
Stacey Waite 108-121
Where are the Women? Rhetoric of Gendered Labor in University Communities PDF
Rachel Riedner 122-130
Performing Horizontal Activism: Expanding Academic Labor Advocacy Throughout and Beyond a Three-Step Process PDF
Vani Kannan, Joe Schicke, Sue Doe 131-142
Toward an Economy of Activist Literacies in Composition Studies: Possibilities for Political Disruption PDF
Caroline Dadas, Justin Jory 143-155
Rhetorics of Hope: Complicating Western Narratives of a 'Social Media Revolution' PDF
Rachael Shapiro 156-174
Beyond Critique: Global Activism and the Case of Malala Yousafzai PDF
Phyllis Mentzell Ryder 175-187
Making Space, not Demands: Literacies of Autonomy and Dissensus PDF
Shon Meckfessel 188-200

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