Writing at the Interface: A Research and Teaching Program for Everyday Digital Media Literacy

  • Matthew Overstreet Khalifa University
Keywords: networked literacy, digital media literacy, design thinking, interface studies, new materialism, writing pedagogy, information ecosystems, information management


Our patterns of connection shape how we think, write, read and relate. In response, scholars have begun to understand and teach literacy as a networked phenomenon. This essay contributes to that effort. I argue that in an age of media convergence, to think networked literacy is to think everyday digital media literacy habits, particularly as they relate to the design and maintenance of information ecosystems. Combining new materialist writing studies scholarship with design thinking and media theory, I propose and model a materialist approach to literacy analysis that respects both the human and non-human elements in such systems. I then discuss how this approach might inform writing pedagogy.

Author Biography

Matthew Overstreet, Khalifa University

Matthew Overstreet is an assistant professor of English at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. He has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and has taught writing and writing pedagogy all over the world. His research interests include pragmatist philosophy, international writing studies, and the various ways in which technology shapes how we think, write, read and relate.