Preempting Racist and Transphobic Language in Student Writing and Discussion: A Review of Alex Kapitan's <em>The Radical Copyeditor's Style Guide for Writing about Transgender People</em> and Race Forward's <em>Race Reporting Guide</em>

  • Nick Marsellas University of Pittsburgh
Keywords: book review

Author Biography

Nick Marsellas, University of Pittsburgh

Nick Marsellas is a PhD candidate in composition pedagogy at the University of Pittsburgh, where he studies models of care and rigor through queer and trans theories of teaching and university politics. His most recent article, “Off Scaffolding and into the Deep End,” [] argues for pedagogical unintelligibility as an alternative to the multicultural scaffolding model of teaching social justice issues. He is committed to care and rigor’s interconnectedness, and he researches the trends that have led many to see these as incompatible opposites.

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