<em>New Literacy Narratives from an Urban University: Analyzing Stories About Reading, Writing, and Changing Technologies</em> by Sally Chandler with Angela Castillo, Maureen Kadash, Molly D. Kenner, Lorena Ramirez, and Ryan J. Valdez

  • Gwen Gorzelsky Wayne State University


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Gwen Gorzelsky, Wayne State University

Gwen Gorzelsky is associate professor and Director of Composition at Wayne State University. She has published articles in CCC, College English, Reflections, JAC, JAEPL, and other venues, as well as The Language of Experience: Literate Practices and Social Change (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005). With other members of the Writing Transfer Project research team, she is conducting a mixed-methods, cross-institutional study of writing transfer across college courses at different levels. She is also studying how a set of Zen literate practices seek to mediate the relationship between personal and systemic change by using conceptual and procedural knowledge to reshape experiential knowledge.

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