Introduction to the Special Issue: Working Toward a Definition of Queer Literacies


  • Collin Craig Hunter College
  • Wilfredo Flores Michigan State University
  • Zarah C. Moeggenberg Metropolitan State University

Author Biographies

Collin Craig, Hunter College

As a scholar, my evidence of research over 5 years demonstrates my active investigation of Black and Latino male literacies, identity politics, cultural rhetoric, gender, and writing program administration. My book project Lives We Tell, Revolutions We Live: Black and Latino Male College Literacies in Conversation highlights my work as a writing professor, Project Coordinator for a male centered initiative, and mentor for Black and Latino college men. I'm interested in literacy repertoires and how Black and Latino college males use literacies to create spaces of belonging within and beyond the university. This work has given me the opportunity to analyze and document Black and Latino college male literacies and learn how they develop and employ a range of knowledge making practices for identity formation, academic success and coalition building amongst their peers and university gatekeepers.

Wilfredo Flores, Michigan State University

Wilfredo is a rhetoric and writing scholar working from a genealogy of Latinx and Indigenous community organizing, queer health activism, and public-facing technical communication scholarship. As a researcher, he uses a cultural rhetorics research paradigm to use qualitative research methods to conduct community-engaged participatory research in online spaces such as Twitter and Twitch. He situates his work within computers and writing and technical communication scholarship, and his research paradigm also steers his ethical approach to research, community engagement, and data analyses. In his dissertation, Wilfredo examines the rhetorical strategies that queer, trans, and otherwise people of color use to make meaning of their sexual health on Twitter amid shifting sexual mores, prophylactic developments, and pressure from the medical industrial complex. Wilfredo also is a founding member of and current organizer with Queering Medicine, a Lansing-based grassroots coalition of queers taking their own health into their own hands. Through QM, Wilfredo works to improve queer health in the area using professional writing and technical communication practices in a variety of settings, working to bridge university resources to community needs. You can read more about his work and research on his website.

Zarah C. Moeggenberg, Metropolitan State University

 Zarah C. Moeggenberg is an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition, specializing in digital and queer rhetorics.




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