Editors' Introduction


  • Brenda Glascott California State University - San Bernardino
  • Justin Lewis Virginia Tech
  • Tara Lockhart San Francisco State University
  • Holly Middleton High Point University
  • Juli Parrish University of Denver
  • Chris Warnick College of Charleston







Author Biographies

Brenda Glascott, California State University - San Bernardino

Brenda Glascott is Managing Editor of LiCS. She is an Associate Professor of English at California State University, San Bernardino where she teaches courses on composition, rhetoric, literacy, and pedagogy. She has published on nineteenth-century evangelical literacy narratives. Her current research focuses on commonplaces about academic writing in the mid-twentieth century.


Justin Lewis, Virginia Tech

Justin Lewis is Assistant Professor of Technical Communication at Virginia Tech.  He studies user experience design, technical communication and intellectual property in digital environments. He's adamant about OpenAccess.


Tara Lockhart, San Francisco State University

Tara Lockhart is Senior Editor of LiCS. She is Associate Professor at San Francisco State University and Director of Composition; she coordinates and teaches first year writing, as well as teaching graduate courses in composition, literacy studies, and pedagogy. Her scholarship focuses on writing/learning transfer, hybrid forms of the essay which promote writers’ rhetorical and stylistic awareness, and pedagogies for graduate-level writing instruction. 

Her work has appeared in College English, Enculturation, and several edited collections; along with her co-researcher, Mary Soliday, she is the recipient of a 2013 CCCC Research Initiative Grant. Informed Choices: A Guide for Teachers of College Writing (Lockhart and Roberge) was published in 2015 as part of the Bedford/St.Martin's professional resource series.

Holly Middleton, High Point University

Holly Middleton is Associate Professor of English at High Point University, where she directs the first-year writing program and teaches courses in composition, style, and writing studies. Her research on student learning and the politics of literacy can be found in College English, WPA Journal, and edited collections. She is currently conducting a longitudinal study funded by a 2016 CCCC Research Initiative Grant.


Juli Parrish, University of Denver

Juli Parrish is Associate Teaching Professor and Interim Writing Center Director at the University of Denver. She studies the relationship of invention strategies and source use, archives of collaboratively-produced women's writing, and fan fiction.


Chris Warnick, College of Charleston

Chris Warnick is Associate Professor of English at the College of Charleston.





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Editors' Introduction