Lean On: Collaboration and Struggle in Writing and Editing


  • Laurie JC Cella Shippensburg University
  • Jessica Restaino Montclair State University




symposium, collaboration


Symposium response.

Author Biographies

Laurie JC Cella, Shippensburg University

Laurie JC Cella is Assistant Professor of English and Director of Composition at Shippensburg University.

Jessica Restaino, Montclair State University

Currently, I am Associate Professor of English and Director of First-Year Writing at MSU. I teach undergraduate and graduate classes in the fields of composition and rhetoric, English education, and women's and gender studies. My research interests include writing teacher preparation, pedagogical theories and their relationship to writing instruction, the political theory of Hannah Arendt as a lens for understanding writing pedagogy and the preparation of teachers, and community literacy and activist writing/rhetorics. My first book, First Semester: Graduate Students, First-Year Writing, and the Challenge of Middle Ground, was published jointly by Southern Illinois University Press and the Conference on College Composition and Communication as part of the Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series in February 2012. My second book, an essay collection co-edited with Laurie Cella (Shippensburg University), examines university/community writing projects, and the challenges of effective service-learning initiatives (Lexington Press, 2012).




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Cella, L. J., & Restaino, J. (2014). Lean On: Collaboration and Struggle in Writing and Editing. Literacy in Composition Studies, 2(2), 66–76. https://doi.org/10.21623/