Seth Davis wins 2021 CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Excellence in Queer Scholarship Article Award for LiCS piece "Shade: Literacy Narratives at Black Pride"


We want to congratulate Seth Edmond Davis for his article “Shade: Literacy Narratives at Black Pride.” It won the 2021 CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Excellence in Queer Scholarship Article Award! Thank you for working with us, Seth. Here's the abstract from Davis' article:

Despite significant work on literacy as a situated practice (Brandt; Street; Gee), in the African American community (Banks; Richardson; Young) and in the LGBT community (Alexander; Alexander and Rhodes), only recently have scholars looked at literacy at the intersection of Black and LGBT people. A notable example is Eric Pritchard’s discussion of “literacy normativity” and the multilayered ways in which Black queer literacies function (Darnell). In this multimedia article, the social space I focus on is Washington, DC, Black Gay Pride 2013, where I discussed shade and shade narratives with seven men and one transgender woman. A main finding of this research was that participants typically relied on narrative to illustrate how shade was thrown; in fact, narrative is a necessary component of catching shade. These narratives provide situated examples of throwing shade while foregrounding the subjectivities or backstories that give throwing shade traction. In this way, throwing shade as a part of a larger “fierce literacy” talks back to literacy normativity and  speaks to Black queer people’s relationships with one another, with language, and with the larger culture. 

If you haven't read it, here's a link: Congratulations, Seth!