Trans-ing Our Way through Matter and Meaning


  • Juan Guerra University of Washington




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Juan Guerra, University of Washington

Professor Juan C. Guerra, whose research and scholarship is highlighted in two previous books, Writing in Multicultural Settings (a collection of original essays co-edited with Carol Severino and Johnnella E. Butler) and Close to Home: Oral and Literate Practices in a Transnational Mexicano Community, has published several recent essays on the critical practice of transcultural repositioning. The goal of his most recent book, titled Language, Culture, Identity and Citizenship in College Classrooms and Communities, is to develop a set of rhetorical and discursive tools that disenfranchised students can use to navigate and negotiate the pedagogical spaces they inhabit in writing classrooms and beyond as they prepare to become citizens in the making in a global society. Professor Guerra teaches courses on literacy, ethnography, language variation, language policy, and composition and rhetoric at the University of Washington at Seattle.   



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